Fixing Flat Tire

flat tire

The experience of having a flat tire or fixing flat tire is really frustrating, right? It leaves you feeling despaired especially when you are stranded in a restricted area. However, remain calm and do not worry about it. We are here to quickly help you and make our 100% effort to suffice your car needs. SJ roadside assistance company offers different services encompassing your car problems. towing service San Jose ca are just one phone call away and surely in less than 30 minutes, we are within your reach to attend to your needs.

Particularly, here is what comprises our company’s flat tire repair services:

ü  Wheel and tire removal and correct dismounting of tire from the wheel

ü  Puncture fixing diagnosis:

  • When the damage is only minor, typically it can be repaired.  In such cases wherein the shoulder or sidewall of the tire is injured, or the puncture size’s exceed from one quarter inch diameter, replacement is what the tire requires.
  • If you indeed need to buy a new tire, you must consider protecting your investment by buying our company’s Road Dangers Warranty to wrap up upcoming road damage.
  • Road Dangers Warranty to wrap up upcoming road damage.  If tire can be repaired, then so be it. But, if it cannot, we will have to replace it on a professional-rated fee.

ü  Repairing your tire uses two state-of-the –art repair elements namely:

  • Safety seal repair. Seals the injured area of the tire from the tread to the inner liner, making the perfect repair.
  • Liquid Patch. Makes a flexible and permanent patch around the safety seal repair on the inner liner of the tire.

ü  Remounting tire to wheel and reinstalling it on your vehicle properly.

ü  Checking and setup of tire pressure to the specification of your vehicle.

ü  Vehicle inspection

ü  Get Road Danger Warranty. It is only our company’s service that covers your road damage in the future.  If your tire is indeed damaged, our Puncture fixing diagnosis will identify whether your tire will be repaired or not. Then,

  • If it could be repaired, you are wrapped up.
  • If not, we will replace it at a professional-rated fee.

Changing or repairing a flat tire is dangerous. You must be a real professional and well-trained to be able to repair or change your flat tire properly.  Our company’s flat tire repair service has all the right and specially trained individuals to do the work for you. Just leave all to us and we’ll take care of everything in an accurate and safely matter. For our expert personnel in tire repair, what they do in particular are:

  • Remove your tire off the rim to see damage inside
  • Fill in the repairable hollows with a plug to stop water from leaking into which can cause rusting to the steel belting of your tire
  • Patch the tire’s inside to ensure a permanent and safe repair
  • Remount your tire to wheel rim. Then meticulously inspect the work to make sure integrity of tire repair
  • Leak testing
  • Rebalancing of tire and reinstalling this on your vehicle

We personally and critically choose our people, from our customer service representatives, drivers, up to our towing and car repair personnel.  From that single factor alone, you are already guaranteed that our services are really of great excellence and of high quality. Moreover, our repair personnel have the appropriate and latest technology and equipment to repair, balance, mount, and dismount your tire correctly to guarantee the repair and long life of the tire. Aside from that, we offer our services at a very affordable rate.  We charge payment according to the services we provide. We do not have any hidden fees or surprise fees that will surprise you in time you are about to pay.  What we make sure is that you’ll only spend few dollars from your wallet and that’s all.